10 Instagram Accounts Aspiring UX Designers Should be Following

By BrainStation January 15, 2020

Looking for design ideas that will inspire you this year?

Instagram is home to thousands of User Experience (UX) Designers sharing advice, design tips, snapshots of their work, and insight into the design process. To help you stay inspired and in-the-know about UX trends and design leaders, we put together a list of 10 Instagram accounts worth following this year.

1. Spruzzo.ui

ux design

Get a daily dose of app and web UX design inspiration from @Spruzzo.ui. This account shares examples of work from different designers and features a variety of products from travel to finance, e-commerce and more. Follow for clean and modern design examples from UX designers around the world.

2. Uxjurgen


Get a behind the scenes look at the UX design process thanks to Amsterdam-based @uxjurgen’s Instagram feed packed with snapshots of sprint planning and sketched out wireframes. Concept sketches and nuggets of design advice make this page a must-follow for the aspiring UX Designer.

3. Iamnotmypixels

ux designers

Yael Levey is on a mission to spread UX thinking everywhere. Follow this Facebook employee’s page, @iamnotmypixels, for insight into the design process (sprint planning, personas and wireframes), career advice, helpful how-to’s, and inspirational design quotes. Levey’s mix of personal and professional makes this page a relatable and reliable source of inspiration for close to 20,000 followers.  

4. Christvizcarra

ux prototypes

UX designer Christian Vizcarra shares friendly advice and design inspiration for more than 10,000 users. Follow @christvizcarra for numbered lists with tips about how to design for iOS vs. Android, how to improve your wireframe sketching skills, and how to make a design system, to name just a few examples.

5. Uxmemo

ux design

Jessica Robbins shares “small moments of big brand experience thinking” through sticky notes for more than 4,000 at @UXmemo. Follow for tips on problem solving, ideas for brainstorming exercises, design mantras and book recommendations.

6. Humble_ux


Follow @Humble_ux for a curated collection of hand drawn and digital wireframes. Followers will learn about digital drawing tools and get insight into the pros and cons of hand-drawn versus digital. Plus, the page features enviable workspaces where UX design comes to life.

7. Lubosvolkov

Designer work station

Lubos Volkov’s Instagram posts read like mini blog entries packed with design tips, instructional posts about design tools, and lots of book recommendations. You’ll learn from this pro’s experience through detailed case studies that outline the design process, challenges, and takeaways from big projects.

8. Winning_calvin

user flow

Calvin Pedzai guides followers through his design process through Instagram posts featuring work samples alongside design tips and lessons learned. @Winning_calvin shows off a variety of digital and hand-drawn wireframes pointing out key elements and sharing insight from the client review process. #Inspirational quotes are part of the mix, too.  

9. Uxdesignmemes

Who doesn’t like memes? Follow @UXdesignmemes for a laugh at common UX/UI design woes.

10. UXdesignmastery

ux design goals

Made for newbie UX designers, @UXdesignmastery is dedicated to helping professionals make the transition to UX from a different career field. Connect with like-minded aspiring designers, explore the field, and discover valuable resources as you launch a career in UX.

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