7 Companies with Killer Instagram Strategies

By BrainStation May 2, 2019

Coordinating social media content is an important tenet of any digital marketing strategy. Instagram in particular has gained a reputation as a channel that can effectively help grow your brand, touting the ability to provide brands with 25% more engagement than other platforms. But, finding compelling content that’s unique, visually appealing, and interesting to your audience isn’t always easy.

We’ve curated seven businesses with compelling content and engaged audiences to inspire your next Instagram marketing strategy.


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CW Pencil Enterprise

Who: Purveyors of superior graphite. These pencil pushers curate a selection of beautiful pencils to sell to anyone who appreciates their functionality, beauty, and history.

Location: New York

Target audience: Stationery addicts

Why it’s awesome

CW has honed a colourful, delightful palette that’s sure to brighten anyone’s Instagram feed. They highlight pencils that have a history, or a unique design that helps customers buy into each pencil’s story. In the process, they’ve built a highly-engaged community of pencil lovers that’s always excited to see the latest (ridiculously aesthetic) graphite release.




Heritage Bicycles

Who: Heritage crafts their own bikes and their own coffee, making them a mash-up of two concepts and cultures that, Heritage believes, really go hand-in-hand: bikes and coffee.

Location: Chicago

Target audience: Coffee and bike lovers

Why it’s awesome

This shop gets creative with bikes. They engage followers with quirky bicycle photos, and pique your tastebuds with shots of yummy sandwiches and close-ups of coffee. They have a truly local feel that will attract those looking to invest in their neighbourhood.





Who: LearnLux is on a mission to make financial wellness a priority. They create online learning tools to empower people to take control of their personal finance.

Location: Boston

Target audience: The financially attuned

Why it’s awesome

Learnlux’s money reminders are perfect for anyone trying to be more financially conscious. They’ve also done a great job at adapting to the tone of popular instagram posts by using quotes, message boards, and screenshots of tweets. They show that finances don’t have to be a drag, rather, being financially-savvy can be fun, relatable, and a way to find your community.





Who: Kotn creates ethically-made quality clothing essentials that don’t cost a fortune.

Location: Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal

Target Audience: The effortlessly fashionable and socially-responsible

Why it’s awesome

The soft tones and textures of Kotn’s Instagram feed embodies the style of their clothing and the aesthetic of their customers. They go a step further by making their customers the face of their brand, showcasing real people incorporating Kotn into their own unique looks. They also satisfy the socially-conscious crowd by putting their cotton farms, factories, and workers in the spotlight.





Who: Building healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

Location: USA

Target audience: Healthy foodies

Why it’s awesome

Sweetgreen gets creative with videos. They post simple clips of food that make their bowls feel fun, fresh, and delicious. Their attention to the vibrancy of fresh produce and bread is enough to delight any healthy food-lover. They also spend time producing beautiful IG TV videos that give a more intimate view of food preparation.





Who: A female-first shave and body brand delivering everyday TLC from top to toe.
Location: New York

Target audience: Female feminists

Why it’s awesome

Billie’s account features a lot of millennial pink, shiny portraits, and quirky animations. This halogenic feel paired with references to the 90s is particularly on trend for millennials and exactly what they’re looking to add to their Instagram feed. Plus, you can’t help but feel empowered when you’re part of a community that’s confidently promoting body positivity.





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Village Juicery

Who: Village Juicery offers certified organic cold pressed juice and food made fresh daily

Location: Toronto

Target audience: Healthy eaters

Why it’s awesome

Every time you look at a bottle of fresh-pressed juice, you remember the healthy person you’re striving to be. Highlighting their juices, sandwiches, and kombucha workshops, they’ve mastered their green, clean, refreshing tone. By joining their #villager community, you’re declaring a life of healthy-living.




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