8 Web Developers Worth Following on Instagram

By BrainStation July 10, 2019

If there’s one thing that’s true about working in development, it’s that there is always more to learn. One way to stay on top of the latest trends and tools is by following Software Engineers and Web Developers on social media.


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Thankfully, Instagram is home to Programmers and Developers sharing ideas and inspirational posts in an easy-to-digest way. To help you connect with other Developers and stay in the loop about what’s going on in the world of web development, we put together a list of Instagram accounts worth following.

  1. Morgan.codes

Coding newbies will be inspired by @morgan.codes posts about life as a student studying software engineering in Chicago. Follow along as Morgan shares what she’s learning, how she’s applying her skills, and the tools she’s using along the way.


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  1. Martin_lasek

“You honestly for real no joke: never ever stop learning a language ever. Ever. Once again: ever.”

That’s what @Martin_lasek said about learning code in a recent post. Follow for a close-up look at iOS and web design (screenshots and videos of Martin’s work) alongside honest insight into the never-ending process of learning new programming languages and recruiting clients as a freelancer.


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  1. Peoplewhocode

Connect with people from all over the world by following @Peoplewhocode. Check out their series of Q&A stories featuring coders answering common questions about getting started in development, learning multiple languages at the same time, and other valuable tips about building a career in web development.


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  1. Sasha.codes

A list of Instagram accounts featuring Web Developers wouldn’t be complete without a look into life in Silicon Valley. Follow @Sasha.codes for a mix of snapshots from the Google, Apple, and Instagram offices plus practical tips and examples of lines of code.


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  1. Lifewithcoding

What’s your dream setup? Follow @Lifewithcoding for a look at desktop setups from Developers around the world. From pen and paper, to tablets, laptops, and (many) monitors, @Lifewithcoding features Developers at work in spaces that might inspire a home office makeover.


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  1. Programmer.planet

Development is often all about problem-solving and @Programmer.planet offers up plenty of memes for when you need to take a break from fixing that bug. Whether you’re stuck on a line of code or can’t seem to correct an error, you’re sure to find a post you’ll relate to and people willing to commiserate with you.


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  1. Marcusmichaels

London, England-based @Marcusmichaels is a Front-End Developer sharing a mix of posts about work-life balance, how to stay motivated, and specific coding tips for more than 10,000 followers. Marcus isn’t afraid to share the highs and lows that come with working as a Developer at a startup, and has built a community for sharing advice and ideas about life in that line of work.


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  1. Herhelloworld

Holly Boothroyd (@Herhelloworld) is a recent graduate launching her career as a Software Engineer at Microsoft. At just 23 years old, she was named one of @CodeFirstGirls “Ones to Watch” in 2019. Holly shares posts about what it’s like to work as a woman in tech, what she’s reading and how to learn programming.


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