9 of the Best Podcasts for Digital Marketers

By BrainStation May 21, 2019

Keeping up with the swift-moving world of digital marketing can be an overwhelming challenge, even for the savviest and most well-connected marketing professionals.

Continuing education is a must, but Digital Marketers can further sharpen their skills and learn about top trends with a range of entertaining podcasts. Here are nine of the podcasts that every Digital Marketer should be listening to.

The GaryVee Audio Experience

As the chairman of media and communications holding company VaynerX and the CEO of advertising agency VaynerMedia – not to mention a five-time best-selling author – Gary Vaynerchuk certainly has as much credibility and expertise as anyone in the Digital Marketing world.

But that’s not why his tremendously popular podcast (a spinoff of his YouTube series the #AskGaryVee Show) is such a hit. It’s a punchy, practical and insight-packed show that spans business, social media, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

Not sure where to start? Vaynerchuk himself assembled a list of his favorite episodes, including an interview with Larry King on 60 Minutes, a 12-track rant session called “The Airplane Project” in which Vaynerchuk issues a blueprint on how to be successful in the modern world, as well as a recent tribute to his friend, the late rapper Nipsey Hussle.

Marketing Over Coffee

Hosts John Wall and Christopher S. Penn actually brew this quirky podcast each week while sipping java at a coffee shop in Boston.

Though it’s informal, it’s still deeply informative. In roughly 20-minute episodes, Wall and Penn offer weekly discussions on the latest trends in marketing, oftentimes answering listeners’ queries or welcoming interesting guests.

The duo’s recommended episodes include a discussion on outbound marketing with former Hubspot CMO Mike Volpe, an interview with MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer Ann Handley, and any of the pair’s interviews with frequent guest Seth Godin.

Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re relatively new to the world of marketing, it’s hard to find a better place to start than John Jantsch’s venerable podcast, which is now more than a decade old.

Although accessible, the interview-focused show offers plenty to more experienced Marketers as well, as Jantsch welcomes thought leaders, experts, and authors to share their experiences, successes, and setbacks in the world of marketing.

Some of his all-time most-popular episodes include an interview with Make Your Idea Matter author Bernadette Jiwa on how to build buzz around your business, a discussion with Work Simply author Carson Tate on embracing a personal productivity style, and a dialogue with Simon Sinek with the catchy title, “Why Leaders Eat Last.”

Social Media Marketing Podcast

With the breakneck pace of change in the social media space, Michael Stelzner’s podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to learn the latest strategies and actionable tips for raising your social media marketing game.

In roughly 45-minute installments, Stelzner interviews influencers and social media marketing experts and always looks to unearth pragmatic advice you can apply directly to your shop.

Start with a recent interview with influencer Jesse Driftwood on how to create Instagram stories that people will actually want to watch, a talk with Cate Stillman on creating a thriving community beyond Facebook Groups, or a chat with video ads expert Travis Chambers on how to create effective ad funnels.

Copyblogger FM

Copyblogger co-founder and Chief Content Officer Sonia Simone hosts this weekly, easily digestible podcast that aims to help you improve all elements of your online marketing content.

Most episodes are between 15 and 20 minutes, as Simone and a rotating group of experts delve into recent developments in content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization and mindset.

A recent standout episode found Copywriting Teacher Belinda Weaver sharing how she reenergized her email list to improve engagement – including her reasoning behind deleting the opt-in incentive for her list – while another found Simone providing 10 important strategies for improving your content marketing strategy in a mere 19-minute installment.

The Marketing Companion

Billed as the “world’s most entertaining business podcast,” this show promises “laugh-out-loud comedy” in addition to creative and insightful commentary on the latest in the world of digital business.

Prolific Author Mark Schaefer and B Squared Media Founder and CEO Brooke Sellas, who host the show, rarely cover just one topic over the course of an episode. For example, an April episode probed whether values-based marketing can go too far, but also touched on the retail apocalypse and Dell Chief Customer Officer Karen Quintos’s leadership skills.

Another entertaining recent episode found Schaefer ranting about “social media lemmings,” while also featuring BossMom founder Dana Malstaff and advice on monetizing a Facebook Group.

Online Marketing Made Easy

Named by Forbes as one of the top 50 social media power influencers, Author and leading Online Marketing Strategist Amy Porterfield is your host for this popular podcast, in which Porterfield promises to “get into the online trenches” with you to improve all aspects of your online marketing strategy.

Featuring “mini marketing masterclasses,” interviews with experts, and a behind-the-curtain look at Porterfield’s real-life marketing launch plans, this podcast is one of the best for providing actionable strategies that generate real results.

Dive in with a recent interview with IT Cosmetics Founder Jamie Lima on how to talk about your product like a pro, or a fascinating look at when less is more when it comes to content. If you’re in the startup phase, try Porterfield’s ruminations on what she would do differently if she were starting her business from scratch now.

Marketing School

You really have no excuse not to at least give this entertaining podcast a try, given that few episodes stretch beyond the seven-minute mark, and there are new installments released daily.

Still not convinced? It’s hosted by best-selling author and widely respected digital marketing expert Neil Patel alongside Single Grain owner and CEO Eric Siu, two battle-tested Marketers who draw upon years of experience in offering tips on the latest SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and conversion optimization tactics.

The bite-sized nature of the show allows the hosts to really narrow in on their topics, which recently have included a frank discussion on whether Pinterest is a good platform for advertising, the best SEO tools for beginners on a budget, and a simple hack for driving free traffic.

HBR Ideacast

Although this show from the Harvard Business Review doesn’t limit its focus specifically to online marketing, Digital Marketers will still find insight and inspiration in the podcast’s weekly interviews with leading thinkers in business and management.

Check out a recent show in which author and Harvard associate professor Thales Teixeira explores lessons that can be learned from how Airbnb, Uber, Etsy, and Netflix approached attracting their first 1,000 customers.

Another recommended episode for Digital Marketers found marketing professor Thomas Steenburgh drawing upon his early career at Xerox to explore why it’s so difficult to sell new products.

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