BrainStation Founder Featured on Framework Podcast

By BrainStation May 14, 2019

Jason Field, BrainStation’s Founder and CEO, was recently featured on the Framework podcast.

Hosted by designers Rob Hayes and Tom Creighton, Framework is “a podcast about the process of researching, planning, and building that goes into bringing a product to market.”

In this episode, the podcast focused on the design and development of Synapse, BrainStation’s unique, data-driven student learning platform.

“We were obsessed with the end-to-end journey of our customers,” Field told the hosts, explaining the perfectionist company culture that went into the creation of the platform.  

“We have 80,000 slides that go through a system of designers, content creators, thought leaders – we have hundreds of experts that help us create those – we do all our instructor resourcing, we sell, we market, we build our software in-house, we work with architects and engineers to develop our facilities … so for something as important as Synapse, it made no sense to introduce something off the shelf, given that it is probably the most important thing out of everything I just mentioned. It is the most consistent and frequent touch point – it is the customer experience,” Field said.

You can listen to the episode of Framework below:

Synapse was carefully designed to provide an intuitive extension of BrainStaton’s collaborative, Instructor-led digital skills training – both on campus and online. The data-driven learning platform allows you to attend live lectures, interact with fellow professionals, complete lessons, access additional training resources, and much more.

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