BrainStation Graduate Showcase: Fall 2019

By BrainStation December 17, 2019

Last week dozens of family, friends, hiring partners, and tech professionals filled our campuses for our latest and greatest Demo Day, the BrainStation graduate project showcase. Each cohort, we’re endlessly inspired by the hard work and dedication of our students and what they’ve accomplish in just 12 weeks. 

If you didn’t get a chance to see the projects this cohort, take a look at some of our favorite ones.

Je T’aime

Winona Huang, UX Design

Worried about finding the perfect spot for your wedding? Winona Huang’s got your back. Huang’s Je T’aime project is a digital platform that simplifies the wedding venue search for couples by matching their style and vision with breathtaking spaces. Want to see more? Check out Winona’s portfolio.

Predicting Customer Value

Rachel KesslerData Science

Rachel’s project locates and maintains top B2B customers using data from a local manufacturing company. Her model predicts which sales leads will provide the highest ROI based on customer demographics and behavior. From there, a clustering model segments customers to compare the characteristics of churned and loyal customers.



Jung Oh, UX Design

TOMO is an app that reminds you to reach out to your friends and keep a pulse on the vitals of your friendship in an enjoyable way. The advent of smartphones and social software has divided our attention and makes it more challenging to maintain tight-knit bonds. TOMO is a solution to this problem. See more on Jung’s portfolio


Forecasting Electricity Usage

Razzi Movassaghi, Data Science

This project tries to understand and predict the monthly patterns of “metered electrical power demand” for the province of Alberta. In particular, it looks to forecast peak demand times using historical data of electricity usage and weather conditions.


Kevin McCarthy, UX Design

Headroom captures and consolidates musical ideas in your head. Using direct brain-to-app technology, a headband monitors your brain waves for new sonic content that it saves to your mobile device. Headroom ensures no sound gets forgotten for musicians and producers who might not be able to write down an idea before it fades away or is forgotten. See more of Kevin’s future-forward ideas in his portfolio.

Reddit Knows You

Doyle Zhang, Data Science

This project looks into the comments on the biggest online forum – Reddit, and attempts to use Machine Learning to predict users’ personality (MBTI) and dive into the topics they are interested in. This information can be used to do better targeting and content curation. Doyle’s graphs below show which topics INTP users like to discuss.


Codee Palmer, Web Development

Move with confidence using Sprint! This app helps runners find the best running routes – anywhere in the world. See what people say about a route, get weather updates, and join chat boards to organize running meetups.


Rylan Ferrer, Web Development 

Verdrobe is a machine learning web application that organizes clothing, curates outfits, and shares your unique style with your friends and followers. Take a look at Rylan’s whole portfolio.


Attention Detection

Thiago Goncalves, Data Science

Our attention is constantly divided with emails, phone calls, messages, and more. But, some critical tasks, like driving, require your full concentration. To reduce accidents, Thiago created a Convolutional Neural Network to detect distracted drivers via a live video feed.


Christina Lanning, UX Design

Muse provides gallery visitors with a new way to learn about art and experience culture through in-depth exploration of artworks and personalized tours. Leveraging augmented reality and beacon technology, Muse also helps you navigate the gallery. See more of Christina’s work on her portfolio