BrainStation Launches Digital Marketing Diploma Bootcamp

By BrainStation January 7, 2020

We’re very happy to announce that we are now accepting applications for BrainStation’s new Digital Marketing Bootcamp!

Designed to transform skill sets and prepare individuals for careers in digital marketing, the 12-week Digital Marketing Bootcamp is available at BrainStation’s state-of-the-art campuses. 

“After overwhelming demand for our part-time digital marketing certificate courses, we’re very proud to announce the launch of BrainStation’s full-time Digital Marketing Diploma Bootcamp, which is a natural addition to our suite of diploma programs,” said Jason Field, BrainStation Founder and CEO.

It’s a Great Time to Be a Digital Marketer 

More than $270 billion dollars was spent on digital ads around the world last year, and close to 70 percent of all companies are now hiring marketers – with demand increasing every year!

BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Bootcamp is designed to prepare you for these exciting career opportunities, providing real-world project work, industry networking opportunities, and ongoing career guidance and professional development.

“We worked with industry partners from some of the most innovative companies to design a Digital Marketing program that truly prepares professionals for the workplace,” Field said. 

What You’ll Learn

BrainStation’s Digital Marketing Diploma Program will give you a comprehensive understanding of digital marketing strategy, concepts, and techniques, including:  

Search engine marketing
Learn SEO, Google Ad, and Facebook Ad principles to increase online visibility, domain and page authority.

Content marketing
Develop a global content strategy, including keyword research with Google Keyword Planner, content development, key metrics, and more.

Email marketing 
Learn best practices for list segmentation, drip campaigns, newsletters, Unbounce landing pages, CASL/US regulation, and more.

Social media
Understand best practices for Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more, and use Hootsuite to manage social content and measure engagement.

Analytics and reporting
Track and report on performance using Google Analytics, Google Data Studio, and Tableau.

Find out more about the Digital Marketing Bootcamp

“Like all of BrainStation’s Diploma Programs, the Digital Marketing Program is delivered in a dynamic learning environment, built on collaboration and feedback, which gives students the opportunity to roll up their sleeves and work on real-world projects. For over 40 hours a week, they learn and apply new concepts, with an extremely intimate student-to-teacher ratio – It’s common to find classes of 30 students with up to five Educators providing feedback,” Field said. 

“It’s closer to ‘on-the-job-training’ than ‘going back to school,’ which means that when you graduate, you’ll have the marketing skills and confidence to excel, as well as real portfolio pieces to show off. The ROI is quite clear.” 

BrainStation’s Career Success Program 

BrainStation has designed a comprehensive career success program to help students launch their careers. The program provides support with career development, industry networking, personal branding, resume writing, job applications, interviewing, and more.  

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