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By BrainStation August 17, 2017

Online education is more popular than ever, yet low completion rates are all too common with learn-at-your-own-pace courses. Have you ever found yourself signing up for an online course, excitedly getting through the first few pre-recorded lectures, only to slowly lose motivation and fail to complete it? The drive and interest are there, but the lack of interaction causes you to lose interest and feel disengaged. BrainStation Online challenges this asynchronous learning model by providing an online learning experience that encourages interactivity, accountability, and a strong sense of community, all while teaching cutting edge topics led by industry experts from across the globe.

BrainStation Online courses are facilitated by the state-of-the-art Learning Portal, a learning environment that enables them to offer this unique approach to digital learning. If you’re looking to accelerate your career, opt for a part-time course in Web Development, iOS Development, Data Analytics or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). For those looking to make a career transformation, students can train to become a Web Developer in the Remote Web Development program, an online variant of our in-person Bootcamp.

Let’s take a look at BrainStation Online and what sets it apart from other online learning options out there.


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Live lectures

There are a plethora of online courses available to today’s hungry learners. The problem is, however, they are pre-recorded and lack the accountability and sense of community that is often needed to encourage students to follow through and complete their course. With live lectures and real-time interaction with Educators and peers, students feel just as engaged as if they were sitting in-class. Being able to see your Educator on your screen walking you through the content, and the faces of your classmates tuning in simultaneously, is a unique learning environment that gets you excited to attend class each week.


Goodbye, commute

Today, a lot of people have the intent to invest in their career potential with digital skills; they know it’s important, but when it comes to committing to heading to a campus one evening per week, people often find it’s hard to fit in with their busy schedule. With online, you can head straight home from your workday, put on some sweatpants, make some dinner and tune into your lectures from the comfort of your couch. This makes building digital skills much more accessible and the perfect solution for those who don’t live in a city with a campus presence.


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Quizzes & data-backed education

With the BrainStation Online’s Learning Portal, Educators are able to gauge students’ comprehension and provide resources and support based on their individual results. The material is layered throughout the content to encourage students to reflect on new concepts, apply them, and keep previous topics top of mind.


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The Community

Though you may be physically separated from your peers, you’ll get the opportunity to get to know and partner with fellow students from across the globe. You’ll get to learn how to approach problems from different perspectives with peers who come from diverse backgrounds and industries and make lasting connections that go beyond the classroom.

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