BrainStation Project Showcase Winter 2020

By Emily Peck January 27, 2021

After 12 weeks of accelerated learning, collaborating, and creating, BrainStation Diploma students are able to showcase everything they’ve accomplished at our Virtual Demo Day.

Here are some of our favorite projects from Winter 2020. Don’t forget to take a look at all of the latest graduate’s work on our Hiring BrainStation Graduates page.

A Yard Sale, For Those Without a Lawn

With the increased interest in supporting local businesses and sustainability, second-hand shopping is becoming a popular option for consumers and sellers.

Matt Lemche, Web Development, designed an app that allows people to sell their unwanted items in a virtual space that emulates the idea of a community yard sale.

Users of Rummage can either set up an online pop-up shop to make extra income off their unwanted items; or, they can search to find that hidden gem they’ve been thrifting for every weekend. Rummage is a new way to engage in e-commerce.

Watch Matt demo their project on our hiring page.

IBD Risk Prediction Using Machine Learning

Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) affects 1.6 million people in North America, with an average healthcare cost of 31 billion dollars annually.

Two known risk factors are a person’s diet and smoking habits. But genetics are the most influential indicators to help determine a person’s likelihood of having IBD. Samit crafted an algorithm that predicts the probability of developing IBD using a person’s DNA.

Samit Watve, Data Science, created a system capable of identifying risk to enable clinicians and researchers to collect genomic information from newborn babies, apply machine learning to the data, to generate a predictive risk model before any symptoms appear.

Watch Samit demo their project on our hiring page.

Make Skincare a Breeze

There is an overwhelming amount of choices in the skincare industry as self-care continues to be a part of our daily conversations. Many brands market exclusively to women and focus on beauty rather than health, leaving many customers feeling confused about their complexions. 

Alyssa Fan, Digital Marketing, created Breeze to focus on health before beauty, and to market to all genders who are looking to create or innovate their skin care routines.

Combining email marketing, social media and customer reviews, Breeze’s campaign looks to provide a holistic approach to build trust and help its customers win at healthy skin.

Watch Alyssa demo their project on our hiring page.

Put Students in the Lab, From Their Own Homes

Education continues to innovate at a rapid pace as the needs of our world continue to evolve. For science students, having limited time in a lab to learn and practice proper methods can prevent them from meeting course objectives. Kea Legard, User Experience Design, saw a digital solution.

Volta uses mobile VR and voice user interface (VUI) to allow students to master lab skills by manipulating lab equipment in a virtual environment when a lab is not accessible.

Watch Kea demo their project on our hiring page

Cleanse Your Palette-Making Process

Whether creating a website, a presentation, or your artistic masterpiece, selecting the right colors to convey your message is essential. Ryan Vu, Web Development, wanted a simple space to get creative.

Palette is an interactive palette generator that allows creatives to generate and save custom color palettes in one accessible place. Drawing pads allow users to test how the colors work together and easily make adjustments. 

With a web application and a desktop application, Palette wants to bring the play into your day to help you finish your projects.

Watch Ryan demo their project on our hiring page

No More Fear from Food Allergies

Between Canada and the U.S., over 35 million people are affected by at least one food allergy. Enjoying an evening dining out is often met with limitations and fear of having an allergic reaction. Stavroula Liovas, Digital Marketing, wanted a fun way to share information.

REveal looks to empower users to trust what they eat, no matter where they’re eating. Emphasizing a strong SEO campaign to drive awareness to frantic foodies looking for information, REveal’s campaign is focused on momentum and education to become top of mind to potential users.

Watch Stavroula demo their project on our hiring page

Crowdsourced, Custom Gift-Giving

Buying a present for someone can be a stressful task, especially when the perfect gift is out of your price range. Receiving the wrong present can create an awkward situation if you’re uncomfortable asking for something else. Omar Said, Web Development, coded a custom wish list for this situation.

Luxbux is a website that allows for users to give money towards a specific present their loved one requested for their birthday or holiday. Focusing on higher-end goods, users have transparency about what gifts their loved ones want, and how they plan to spend the money given.

Watch Omar demo their project on our hiring page

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