BrainStation Vancouver Launches Data Science Program

By BrainStation November 28, 2018

BrainStation Vancouver is now accepting applications for the Data Science Full-Time Diploma program, which is kicking off on January 7th.

The 12-week program is the first bootcamp in the city dedicated to preparing individuals for careers in data science and data analysis. It was developed with hiring partners from Canada’s largest organizations to help meet the increasing demand for Data Scientists, which is projected to rise by 28 percent in the next two years.

Led by educators with experience working in the field, students in the Data Science Full-Time program diploma will benefit from a collaborative, project-based learning environment that replicates what professionals experience in the real world.

Over 12 weeks, students will learn how to:

  • Use Python programming to analyze data sets and run tests.
  • Manage data collection and storage, including the use of databases, Excel, XML, and SQL.
  • Use Python and R to build models, analyze behavior, and predict unknowns.
  • Use Tableau and PowerBI to present findings with engaging visualizations

BrainStation’s full-time diploma programs provide a number of additional benefits, most notably:

  • A Standout Portfolio of Completed Projects
    New data skills are applied to develop and complete five projects and one major portfolio piece, using real-world data and machine learning.
  • A Diploma in Data Science
    Upon completion of the diploma program, graduates will be granted a provincially recognized diploma, ensuring that their resumes stand out in the digital job market.
  • Career Services
    Career services include portfolio development, mock interviews with current industry professionals, resume and job search workshops, and office tours of leading tech companies.
  • Access to the Synapse™ Digital Learning Platform
    Diploma programs are powered by Synapse, the world’s first data-driven learning platform, allowing you to view videos, access additional training resources, collaborate with other professionals, and more.

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