3 Digital Marketing Certifications Worth Your Time

By BrainStation March 17, 2020

When it comes to digital marketing, there’s always something you can learn (and in fact, there’s almost always something you should be learning). Digital marketing certificates are an easy way to stay on top of the latest tools, techniques, and trends, all of which can help you increase your overall skill set and performance on the job.

So, if you’re on the fence about additional marketing training, here are six digital marketing certificates that are certainly worth your time (and that you can do online from home).

Social Media Marketing 

What you’ll learn: How to develop and manage a social media marketing strategy (across platforms) that builds your brand and drives traffic.

There are now more than three billion social media users in the world, with 56 percent of all adults using more than one platform on a regular basis, and as much as 90 percent of all companies using social media for marketing. Social media is now mainstream media, making it a great time to boost your social media marketing skills.

Social Media Marketing certification course can give you hands-on experience building measurable, end-to-end social campaigns with a variety of platforms. More importantly, it can help you define an effective social strategy, create a process for social content creation (including which campaign management platform to use), and then optimize your strategy and workflow for ongoing success.

SEO/SEM Analytics

What you’ll learn: How to develop and implement a comprehensive search engine marketing (SEM) strategy and plan. 

No matter your level of marketing experience, it’s never a bad idea to boost your SEM skills.

An SEM certificate course can help you get a better understanding of the principles and best practices of overall search marketing, which can then be used to develop an effective, comprehensive marketing strategy. In simplest terms, this means effectively using things like SEO and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to drive traffic and improve lead generation.

Most importantly, though, an understanding of SEM best practices can help you measure, analyze, and adjust campaigns on an ongoing basis, ensuring you’re always making data-driven marketing decisions.

Digital Marketing Certificate Course

What you’ll learn:  Hands-on experience with the latest digital marketing tools and techniques used by professionals around the world.

From marketing novices to industry vets, a digital marketing certificate course can often work wonders, helping professionals boost key digital skills competencies and stay current in their field. A great digital marketing certification course will usually help you develop comprehensive marketing plans (incorporating social media, search, and email marketing), set effective KPIs, and learn how to leverage cutting-edge tools and industry best practices.


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