Graduate Highlight: Mosope Adebowale, UX Design

By BrainStation January 20, 2020

For four years, Mosope Adebowale worked freelance as a Graphic Designer within the eCommerce space and technology in Nigeria. Eventually, though, he decided he needed to make a change. “I got to a point in my career where I knew I had hit a kind of ceiling; my career had started to plateau.”

professional head shot of Mosope Adebowale
UX Graduate, Mosope Adebowale

The solution was to transition into UX design, but he needed additional training. In his personal blog he shares that with the advancement of mobile and web, he knew that he needed to match the pace of technology.

“I was moving to Canada from Nigeria, and I wanted to start in a new country with a new career path, but I knew I needed to take a course to help augment my skills.”

Adebowale applied for BrainStation’s UX Design Diploma Program and was accepted into the Summer 2019 session. We spoke with Adebowale to learn more about his learning experience and to find out more about HealthWise, his incredible final project. 

Adebowale’s research showed that even with the biggest economy in Africa, Nigeria was still one of the most impoverished populations in the world, and it lacked proper health care delivery systems. HealthWise was designed to address this problem, helping patients connect with Physicians to ensure they receive convenient and affordable care.  

“This project is really important as it provided a means of improving the lives of Nigerians as a whole. The state health care system in Nigeria is appalling and most Nigerians prefer self-medication than going to the hospital because of the cost (all fees are paid out of pocket) and wait times.” 

screenshot of the hero image on Mosope's portfolio page. Image shows a screenshot of an app page and the caption: An Easier Way to Connect Patients with Doctors in Nigeria

This idea also came from personal experience. When Adebowale’s sister took her niece to the hospital. She told him she would not have bothered with traveling to and waiting for a Physician, but because it was her child’s health in question, she couldn’t do that. 

10 screenshots of HealthWise showing different features in the app including 1-on-1 consultations and booking an appointment

“She would have personally self-medicated but she could not do that for her kid. This got me thinking about a digital solution.”

Adebowale designed an alternative to the healthcare system with an app that allows you to see a Doctor, review past consultations, refill prescriptions and access your medical records. You can see a prototype of his project on InvisionApp

screenshot of HealthWise app prompting users to select their symptoms when booking an appointment

While developing HealthWise, Adebowale learned some valuable lessons about user experience research. 

“It was really important to seek out the opinions of the experts in the field,” he said, adding that this required building personas and features around the feedback of those in Nigeria. 

“I had to work across time zones to get their opinions in order to solve their pain point.”

Persona profile for a HealthWise User: Show image of a young lawyer in Nigeria and lists her goals, habits, pain points, etc.

Overall, Adebowale is happy with his project and the UX Diploma he now has to complement his ongoing career journey. 

“I took a huge risk, and as I reflect on the past 12 weeks, was the Bootcamp worth it? Heck Yeah! With the knowledge I have acquired, I feel I am ready to take on the world of UX and solve complex problems that affect human lives globally.”

Following graduation, Adebowale landed a role as a User Experience Designer at KPMG where he’s able to use his UX design skills every day. 

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