How Lisa is Jumping From Archaeology to a Digital Career

By BrainStation July 17, 2018

Lisa is a Project Analyst with a degree in Anthropology and Archaeology. After working in museums and on archaeological digs taking her across the globe, Lisa decided to launch her digital career. Jumping from archaeology into the business world, Lisa is looking to develop her digital marketing skills in order to create and implement a communications strategy for her organization.

BrainStation: What is your education and career background?

Lisa: I studied Anthropology and Archaeology – I’m interested in human beings, their behavior, and how that behavior has evolved over thousands of years. I’ve spent time working in museums, government offices, and on research projects or archaeological digs that have taken me around the world. I completed an internship with RBC’s Career Launch Program, which helped me explore different possibilities, and am now working in career development research with the Canadian Career Development Foundation (CCDF). I’m a Project Analyst, meaning that I’m working on collecting research data and developing a communications strategy for the CCDF’s projects.

Which course are you taking with us?

Digital Marketing at your Toronto Campus.

Why are you taking this course?

I’ve learned throughout my career that I really enjoy communicating ideas and getting people to connect and engage with those ideas. Most of the communications work that I’ve done, including writing corporate communications and managing social media, has been a self-taught process. I’d like to have a solid foundation in digital marketing so that I can more effectively apply my communication skills.

How did you first hear about BrainStation?

I first heard about BrainStation through word-of-mouth within the Toronto startup scene. I learned more about BrainStation by attending the monthly CreativeMornings Toronto talks.

What aspects of the course are you most interested in?

I love data, and I’m very interested to delve into Google Analytics. I’m also keen to learn more about the social media platforms I enjoy using, like Instagram, and those that I don’t use personally, like Twitter.

What sparked your decision to register for the course?

When I was considering signing up for BrainStation’s Digital Marketing course, I was between opportunities. I didn’t know where my career would take me next, but I knew this was a skill set that I wanted to hone. I believe that any education is an investment in yourself, and having regular touch points with the BrainStation team helped me realize that this was a worthwhile investment in my career.

Where do you see yourself after completing the course? Is there another course you’re thinking about taking next?

In my current role, I’ll be taking on the responsibility of developing and implementing a marketing and communications plan for my team. I’m looking forward to applying what I’ve learned in the course to help share the results of our projects and build a digitally-enabled community.

As for other BrainStation courses, I have my eye on the Data Science program, which is another field I’m curious to learn more about.

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