How to Prepare for a Web Development Diploma Program

By BrainStation March 11, 2019

A career as a Web Developer is lucrative: it pays well, the field is steadily growing (according to the Bureau of Labor, a 15% boost in growth is expected by 2026) and there’s plenty of opportunity for entrepreneurs or freelancers to find work.

Web developers use programming languages to design, create, and maintain websites, and a big part of the job involves constantly learning and updating skills as the tech industry changes.

Whether you want to launch a career in web development or update your skills, BrainStation’s 12-week Web Development Full Time program might be right for you.

We asked Admissions Specialist Adriana Baiz some common questions about what to expect and how to prepare for the program.

What are the admissions requirements for the Web Development Full Time Program?

Students entering BrainStation’s Web Development Full Time Program are required to have a high school diploma or equivalent (many students have a post-secondary education), successfully complete Admissions Prep Course challenges, and have an interview with a member of the Admissions Team.

“The Prep Course is a really good indication of a student’s readiness for the program as it allows us to assess how they think, approach, and solve problems” says Baiz.

English is the language of instruction at BrainStation, if English is not your first language, you can read more about the English language requirement and how to attend BrainStation as an international student in this blog post.


Become a Web Developer in just 12 weeks!

BrainStation’s Web Development Diploma Program is a full-time, 12-week program that equips professionals with the skills and experience to start a new career in development.

Speak to a Learning Advisor

I’ve never touched a line of code. Is this Web Development Full Time Program right for me?

The full-time Web Development diploma program doesn’t require students to have a background in programming, but Baiz recommends that students take the initiative to get familiar with Web Development before enrolling in the program.

“I highly recommend prospective students do some self-learning or take a short course before deciding to do the 12-week program in Web Development. This could be done through a part-time course at BrainStation, or by self-teaching through online resources. Many of our applicants complete short online courses before they apply to the program” says Baiz. If you’re unsure about your readiness for the program, BrainStation’s team of Learning Advisors is here to help.

With 40 hours per week of in-class time and another 20-30 hours of work outside the classroom, it’s important students enter the course with the right attitude and an understanding of what’s expected to meet the learning outcomes of the program.

Does the Web Development Full Time Program cover front-end or back-end development?

BrainStation’s Web Development Full Time program is a full-stack program which includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Node, and more.

Many companies post jobs for either “front end” (“client side”) development or “back end” (“server side”) development. Often developers choose one or the other based on their interests and preferences. Our program prepares them for both, opening the doors to more options in the job market.

What will my portfolio look like after the Web Development Full Time Program?

Building a portfolio is an important part of the Web Development Full Time Program. Students complete the program with a few different portfolio pieces in addition to their final project.

“A student’s final capstone project can be anything from building a simple game that users can interact with, or a food ordering app. It’s up to the student, their creativity, and the programming skills they have developed during the program,” says Baiz.

For example, former student Peter Sheng, now a Software Developer at SecondCloset, created a digital reimagining of the classic board game, Tsuro.

Who will my Educators be?

BrainStation’s Lead Educators have at least five years of work experience in Web Development plus formal education in the field. The classroom is also complemented by Associate Educator(s) and Teaching Assistant(s) who also have vast experience and are ready to assist students along their 12-week journey.

“Both our Lead Web Development educators have formal education in computer science and computer engineering,” says Baiz.

How often is the program material updated?

BrainStation’s cutting-edge curriculum is developed, taught, and updated by digital experts and industry professionals.

“We want to make sure students leave the program with the practical skills needed to build a website and be employable. That’s why we are constantly refining the program – it’s a living and breathing digital product that’s constantly changing to reflect what’s happening in the industry,” says Baiz.

And the learning doesn’t stop once the program is over. Students are encouraged to continue their learning, keep in touch with our Student Success team and get involved in the BrainStation community through networking events like panel discussions.

Will I be able to find a job in web development after the course?

In addition to learning industry-standard tools and programs, the program includes plenty of opportunities for students to meet people working in the industry. “Networking opportunities are embedded into the program at various points through the 12 weeks so that students can begin building their personal network within the industry,” says Baiz.

The program is designed to prepare students for the industry, and career support is an important part of the experience at BrainStation.

“Career support begins during the program when students have the opportunity to meet with our Student Success team. We focus on providing opportunities for students to understand the industry through power hours with industry leaders, tech company tours, as well as resume, linkedin, and cover letter workshops. Students also do mock interviews, and get feedback on their work to help them build a portfolio,” says Baiz.

Interested in the full-time Web Development diploma program? BrainStation’s learning advisors are here to help. Schedule a call to learn more.