New York’s Most In-Demand Tech Jobs for 2019

By BrainStation January 18, 2019

We recently wrote about how New York was facing a shortage of data professionals, but we wanted to take a closer look at this fast-growing tech hub. What job titles were most in demand? And is this shortage of talent unique to data science?

First things first…

The Data Skills Shortage is Real

According to a source at Indeed, the job board currently has 1751 openings for data science-related job titles in the US, which would indicate that demand that is not currently being met. It isn’t, however, for a lack of interest.

As per Indeed’s Job Category Trends report for October 2018, the following five job titles in the “Information Design and Documentation” section generated the most clicks:

  • Data Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Business Systems Analyst

Job postings for the top two titles combined for more than 2.7 million clicks in the month of October alone. These two job titles were also the most searched for in this field, combining for more than 870,000 searches in that period.

New York was the city with the most clicks for this section, with more than double the amount of the next city on the list, Chicago.

It’s also worth noting that Indeed averages more than 75,000 job postings around the world in the “Information Design and Documentation” space, and clicks to these jobs have increased by 24 percent between October 2017 and 2018.

The Digital Skills Training New Yorkers Are Searching For

Companies are clearly looking for data professionals, and job seekers are interested, so why is there a shortage exactly? It is most likely related to a skills gap and looking at the search habits of New Yorkers, there is clearly an interest in gaining data skills.

We looked at the average number of monthly searches for keywords related to digital skills training in data, design, marketing, and development. What we discovered was that search volumes for data-related keywords were higher than any other subset, with the exception of the term “coding bootcamp,” which came out on top.   

Otherwise, when it came to digital skills training, New Yorkers are most frequently searching for the following terms:

  • Data science bootcamp
  • Data science courses
  • Data science training
  • Data analytics courses
  • Data analytics training
  • Data analytics bootcamp

The Fastest-Growing Tech Roles

The demand and interest for data roles in New York are not happening in a vacuum. LinkedIn recently released their Emerging Jobs Report, which found “an explosion of machine learning roles and continuing growth of data science roles.”

LinkedIn looked at the roles their members have been adding to their profiles to gauge the growth of positions and fields. Among the top 15, six tech roles featured prominently:

  • Blockchain Developer (33X growth)
    Blockchain Developers most frequently listed the following skills: Solidity, Blockchain, Ethereum, Cryptocurrency, Node.js. New York City was among the cities where BlockChain Developers most frequently work, alongside San Francisco and Atlanta.
  • Machine Learning Engineer (12X growth)
    This job title was the second fastest growing on LinkedIn, with professionals citing the following skills: deep learning, machine learning, Tensorflow, Apache Spark, and natural language processing.
  • Machine Learning Specialist (6X growth)
    Skills: machine learning, Deep Learning, Tensorflow, Python, Artificial Intelligence
  • Data Science Specialist (5X growth)
    Skills: machine learning, Data Science, Python, R, Apache Spark
  • Machine Learning Researcher (4X growth)
    Skills: deep learning, machine learning, Tensorflow, Python, algorithms
  • Data Science Manager (4X growth)
    Skills: data science, machine learning, Apache Spark, Python, R

The LinkedIn report also tracked roles that had seen the largest growth in hiring rates, with “sustained high hiring rates and large growth year-over-year.” These included:

  • Software Engineer
    Job openings: 80,000+
    Skills: software development, Java, SQL, JavaScript, C++
  • Marketing Specialist
    Job openings: 7,000+
    Skills: social media marketing, digital marketing, Adobe Photoshop, email marketing, market research
  • Product Manager
    Job openings: 12,000+
    Skills: product management, product development, cross-functional team leadership, engineering, product marketing
  • Data Scientist
    Job openings: 6,000+
    Skills: data science, data mining, data analysis, Python, machine learning

The growth of the Software Engineer role is not surprising. Indeed reports 861 openings for development roles currently available in the US, with the site claiming an average of 171,484 development job openings per month around the world.  

There also seems to be strong interest in the role. The following job titles in Indeed’s “Software Development” section received the most clicks in October 2018:

  • Software Engineer
  • Front-End Developer
  • Quality Assurance Engineers
  • Developer
  • Full-Stack Developer

Software Engineer alone generated 1.4 million clicks that month, with Front-End Developer coming in second with more than 560 thousand. Software Engineer was also the most searched for development-related term in October, with more than 400 thousand, which would seem to validate LinkedIn’s report.

Once again, New York led the way for clicks, beating out second-place San Francisco by a margin of 61 percent.

All this to say that while there is a huge demand for data professionals in New York, opportunities for Developers, in both software and blockchain development, are clearly on the upswing.

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