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By BrainStation March 21, 2016

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You know that feeling when you walk out of a really great job interview, or the feeling of walking out of your high school and being on summer vacation?

That’s the feeling I had when I left my final BrainStation class – it was a total high! It wasn’t that I was excited for the course to be finished, but rather that I was proud, accomplished, and looking forward to the next opportunity to improve my skills! It was a really fun feeling that I have not experienced in quite some time. Let’s just say it felt really great.

The course was challenging for me, as I had no background in design or Photoshop, but I managed to push through and learn a lot. Some evenings I questioned my decision to put myself back in school, but I kept reminding myself of that feeling I knew I would have at the end of the course. Keep going, don’t give up, and ask for help was what I kept saying to myself.

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Excited about completing UI Design at BrainStation!

Here is a summary of my BrainStation experience!

What I Learned

  • A LOT!
  • How to create together a UI Library and Moodboard
  • Where to find design inspiration; our teachers had all of the best resources to share with us, as experts in their field
  • Designing pages for a mobile app and desktop
  • Creating wordmarks, typefaces and buttons
  • Prototyping our designs

How it was Taking a BrainStation Course

  • Really fun, and enriching
  • I loved taking advantage of the facilities; the classrooms, hanging out at Quantum coffee shop, and the use of their kitchen facility so that I could have dinner before class
  • It was great to connect with fellow students and learn about their reasoning for taking the course
  • I always looked forward to spending Tuesday evening in such an inspiring atmosphere

What’s Next

  • Take some time to digest everything I just learned!
  • Keep practicing so that I don’t ever lose my newly acquired skills
  • Continue to attend the evening events, workshops and lunch and learns that are offered
  • Get ready to enroll in my next class! I just haven’t decided which one is top priority yet
Kelsey is taking BrainStation's Visual Design course in Toronto!

Kelsey is taking BrainStation’s User Interface Design course in Toronto!