UX Design Showcase Winter 2020

By BrainStation April 22, 2020

Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, hundreds of BrainStation students recently graduated with Diplomas in UX Design, Web Development, and Data Science. We couldn’t be prouder of their achievements and the way they took everything in stride.

BrainStation’s full-time Diploma programs culminate with students producing an individual portfolio piece for their final Capstone project.

Here are some of our favorite UX Design projects from Winter 2020. You can also see all of our graduate’s projects on our hiring page.


Oscar Paulsson

Aleator is an application that allows music lovers and musicians to organize and host their own intimate shows. Oscar recognized a demand for more intimate live music experiences; shows that focus on the performance and talent. His design aims to strengthen local music communities as well as reinforce art as communal and interactive.

Look at Oscar’s portfolio for more of his work.

Scott Sobere-Yu

Social Eyes helps low-income families with children find affordable social activities. Scott was inspired by his own experience, as growing up he didn’t always have access to high-cost activities.

The Social Eyes app solves this by focusing on maintaining your budget while also exposing children to activities that will aid with social development.

See Scott’s full design process

Canvas AR

Nicole Chan

Nicole noticed how social media can negatively affect our well-being, causing feelings of isolation and inadequacy. That inspired her to create a way to build a community through technology.

Her app Canvas AR allows you to explore the city with friends and find people’s art in augmented reality. Use Canva AR to walk around and see what others have created projected on everyday facades – get inspired and design something to share with the community.

Look through Nicole’s portfolio.


Judy Yen

Judy designed Loop, a platform for people with busy schedules who find themselves unintentionally neglecting their friends. The app stores all of your closest friends together, then based on past memories and common attributes, allows you to keep those connections alive. You can also set reminders to contact your friends and assess your friendship strength based on how often you message them.

See more of Judy’s design work


Vickie Chountalos

Vickie’s project is a great response to our current times. Hive is a mobile app that provides a private social network to help separated families stay connected. It’s a safe space to chat about daily moments, share interests and goals, and stay up-to-date on your family’s most treasured moments.

See more of Vickie’s designs and photography on her portfolio.


Maryam Ndope

Maint provides an easy, paperless way for tenants to report maintenance issues to their landlord. After personally experiencing the frustration of reporting important maintenance issues and witnessing the lack of transparency on the status of repairs, Maryam knew she could improve the process with an online solution for tenants.

See more of Maryam’s work on her portfolio.


Kristine Hur

Citrus+ offers an easier and faster way to manage personal healthcare. The app allows patients to manage treatment priorities, schedule appointments, and stay in touch with their healthcare providers to get the most out of their healthcare journey. Through integration of third-party technologies, the app also helps patients discover new treatment options.

Learn about the other features Citrus+ offers.


Eva Yue

Historically, high fashion has often contradicted philanthropy and sustainability. Luce aims to address this issue by providing a secondary fashion market where consumers are able to make the best use out of their luxury goods.

Luce provides a touchpoint where users can effortlessly resell or purchase fashion goods.

See more of Eva’s work


Mickaila Sandre

Sustainable is an iOS app that helps eco-conscious consumers practice sustainable living by competing with their friends in various challenges.

Want to eat less meat? Challenge a friend to take meatless Mondays with you. Want to remember to carry your water bottle more frequently? See if your friend is willing to try it too!

Watch Mickaila demo her project.


Izzy Aspler

Izzy designed tldnr (too long, did not read), a mobile app built for board game lovers. If you’ve forgotten a rule, tldnr provides quick, smart search results of game facts. The app harnesses the contributions of game enthusiasts to maintain and improve official rule documentation and also allows for new interpretations so gamers can create alternative ways to play the same game.

See more of Izzy’s work on his portfolio.