Why I’m Taking BrainStation’s UX Design Course | Victor, BrainStation Toronto

By BrainStation June 5, 2018

Victor is a traditionally trained Graphic Designer, but having interviewed for user experience (UX) positions in the past, he found that he lacked some of the research and technical skills he needed to accelerate his career.

We asked him how he learned about BrainStation, and why he’s taking our UX Design course.

BrainStation: What is your education and career background?

Victor: I went to university for engineering, but switched programs and ended up completing a degree in biology. I worked as a Lab Technician for a few years before deciding to go back to college in 2013 for a graphic design program.

What are you up to currently?

I currently work as a freelance Digital designer, and also do some development work.

Which course are you taking with us?

User Experience Design at the Toronto Campus.

Why are you taking this course?

I am looking to expand my skill set and become a Full-Stack Designer. Beyond visual design, topics like design strategy, research methods, prototyping, mockups, and user testing, are all skills that I’m looking to add to my arsenal.

How did you first hear about BrainStation?

A friend referred me!

What aspects of the course are you most interested in?

Getting hands-on experience with user research, and being able to develop a polished portfolio piece that I can show off to potential employers. The Instructors at BrainStation are really talented and it’s great to get their input on my work. Plus they all work in the industry as UX Designers, so it’s great to get that kind of insight. 

What sparked your decision to enroll in the course?

I’ve interviewed for many UX positions, but my background is in graphic design, and without that relevant UX experience, it’s really tough. A big reason why I enrolled in the course was the chance to get hands-on experience, and to be able to develop portfolio pieces to help me break into the UX field.

Where do you see yourself after completing the course? 

I see myself continuing to expand my freelance design practice and/or taking a full-time design position at a company.

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