Why a Professional With 15 Years of Experience is Taking our Digital Marketing Course

By BrainStation June 19, 2018

Meet Rachel, an accounting grad with over 15 years of professional experience. Rachel recently became extremely interested in the world of Digital Marketing.

Find out why she decided to enroll in the Digital Marketing course at our Toronto Campus, and how she’s looking to take her career to a new level.

BrainStation: What is your education and career background?

Rachel: I hold a Bachelor of Commerce from Ryerson University (Accounting major, Economics minor) and have 15 years of experience working for industry trade associations (Ontario Chamber of Commerce, Retail Council of Canada, and Food & Consumer Products of Canada) in the field of policy analysis and government/stakeholder relations.


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Which course are you taking with us?

Digital Marketing at the BrainStation Toronto Campus.

Why are you taking this course?

As I’m exploring new career opportunities, I am very interested in the skills associated with digital marketing (branding, strategy, data analytics) as I believe they will enhance and complement my past experience.

How did you first hear about BrainStation?

The internet!

What aspects of the course are you most interested in?

Can I say everything? A large aspect of working in policy is trying to understand and communicate the story behind the numbers. In that sense, I would say I’m most interested in marketing analysis, research, data analytics, and how it’s all tied together when it comes to crafting a comprehensive digital strategy.

What sparked your decision to register for the course?

The timing was right, and the curriculum was the right mix. After speaking to a Learning Advisor, I knew right away this course was exactly what I was looking for.

Where do you see yourself after completing the course? 

I’m not sure yet. Possibly pursuing a new career in digital marketing or communications.

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