software engineer (2024 Guide)

What Tools Do Software Engineers Use?

BrainStation’s Software Engineer career guide is intended to help you take the first steps toward a career in software engineering. Read on for an overview of the top tools used by Software Engineers.

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Software Engineers use a variety of tools for things like version control, code review, software development, git repository hosting, bug tracking, etc. In fact, there are so many types of useful free software, programming tools, and other resources to ease the software development process that staying on top of what’s new and how tools are used is an important part of a Software Engineer job.

Here are some of the mHere are some of the most useful software engineering tools:


GitHub is a web-based hosting service that provides a central place where a worldwide community of developers can share, improve, and discuss software projects. GitHub provides hosting for version control and software development, with a graphical interface and helpful collaboration and project management features. GitHub is said to boast the largest community of developers in the world, so it’s often used for code review and issue tracking.


Another of the most popular project management tools, ProofHub is an intuitive all-in-one software product that offers features including seamless team communication, mobile and tablet compatibility, custom project reports, etc.

Adobe Dreamweaver CC

All Software Engineers and Developers will be familiar with this web development tool, which features a popular visual development application that can be used even by those who don’t know how to code. Its useful features include a dynamic code editor, CSS editing, multi device support, and code introspection.


A cloud-based visual management system, LeanKit is one of the most intuitive-to-use software products out there for agile teams. It can help a software development team collaborate faster and more efficiently, with custom board templates, backlog management, and advanced Kanban capabilities.


Built on a cloud-based integrated development environment, Codenvy is used for coding and debugging apps. It’s an open source workspace server and stands as a platform for remote development to teams, and its best features include APIs and extensions, resource limits, and version control.

Crimson Editor

Created by the team behind Windows, Crimson Editor is a free code editor supporting programming languages including Java, Perl, and PHP. Known for its intuitive interface and built-in FTP and syntax, Crimson Editor could replace programs like Notepad for Software Engineers.

Code Climate

Another useful software development tool, Code Climate is an open-source platform that a Software Developer will use for automating code review. Along with three kinds of GitHub pull requests, Code Climate also helps quickly determine whether or not code should be merged. Essentially, it helps ensure quality code. Other standout features include team management, data-driven engineering, and test coverage.


A web-based version control repository hosting service, BitBucket stands out as a Git repository hosting tool that allows you to share your Git repositories and create and ship software with your team. In addition to Git repository hosting, Bitbucket is worthwhile for its issue tracking, branch permissions, and smart mirroring.

Telerik TeamPulse

Especially helpful in the development of mobile applications, this project tracking tool brings together Developers, Testers, and Project Managers in one central hub. TeamPulse will help flag areas where Agile best practices are ignored while also providing actionable data on current and past performance.


Designed to help engineering and development teams with project management and issue tracking, Axosoft is one of the best software development tools built on easy-to-use Scrum software. Software Developers use it for its Scrum planning board, data visualization, and bug tracking.

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