10 Biggest Video Game Developers in Montréal in 2010

The battle for the Canadian game development crown continues to wage on. While West Coast powerhouse Vancouver has long been seen as the National Champ when it comes to drawing in (and holding onto) both gaming developer talent and publisher interest (see our recent post), long-time contender from the east Montréal has certainly turned up the heat in recent years. 

Supporting this trend, announcements regarding new Quebec-based expansions from both THQ and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE) will see an increase of up to 700 new gaming industry jobs within the region by year’s end.

Ubisoft has topped the list with 1,800 employees, more than tripling the second-place contender, Electronic Arts, with 500. In third came A2M (450), followed by Gameloft Canada (370) and EA Mobile (300). The complete list of Montreal’s biggest, largest, grandest, greatest—whatever you wanna call ’em—companies in the gaming industry is right below.

The List: Ten biggest video game developers in the Montréal area in 2010.

  1. Ubisoft Montréal – 1,800 employees
  2. EA Montreal – 500 employees
  3. A2M – 450 employees
  4. Gameloft Canada – 370 employees
  5. EA Mobile – 300 employees
  6. Eidos Montreal – 280 employees
  7. Beenox – 275 employees
  8. Frima Studio – 200 employees
  9. FunCom – 150 employees (by year’s end)
  10. Airborne Mobile – 70 employees

There statistics are according to our findings. With some of our data going back to 2009, if you work for one of these gaming companies and can help us verify employee numbers, please comment on this post or contact us privately with an updated count.