10 Data Trends Worth Paying Attention to in 2017

What are the biggest data trends organizations should be aware of entering 2017?

Infogix, a company helping companies provide end-to-end data analysis across the enterprise, assembled a panel of senior executives to answer this question.

“This year’s trends examine the evolving ways enterprises can realize better business value with big data and how improving business intelligence can help transform organization processes and the customer experience,” said Sumit Nijhawan, CEO of Infogix. “Business executives are demanding better data management for compliance and increased confidence to steer the business, more rapid adoption of big data and innovative and transformative data analytic technologies.”

The trends include the use of big data to improve the customer experience by moving from legacy to vendor systems, during M&A, and with core system upgrade; the ability to precisely predict future behaviors and events to improve profitability; and moving data analytics to the cloud to accelerate adoption of the latest capabilities to turn data into action.

“We believe the technology trends of cloud, predictive analysis and big data will not only help organizations deal with the vast amount of data, but help enterprises address today’s business challenges,” said Nijhawan. “However, before these trends lead to the next wave of business, it’s critical that organizations understand that the success is predicated upon data integrity.”

Nijhawan’s team also forecasts a move toward informatics to help integrate the collection, analysis and visualization of complex data to derive revenue and efficiency value from that data and a rise in graphical data virtualization, which allows organizations to retrieve and manipulate data on the fly regardless of how the data is formatted or where it is located. Infogix also predicts a convergence of IoT, cloud, big data, and cybersecurity.

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