100,000 Businesses Now Use Shopify’s E-Commerce Platform

This week, Shopify announced that 100,000 businesses are now using its e-commerce platform.

The Ottawa-based company says it now reaches more than 150 countries, with shops ranging in size from puny mom-and-pop shops to tech giants like Google and Tesla.

“I’ve witnessed thousands of people accomplish life-long dreams of growing their own successful business, and nothing makes me happier,” says Tobi Lütke, the founder and CEO of Shopify. “The best thing about working at Shopify [is] seeing all of the incredible things our community does with our platform.”


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Last year the Canadian company launched Shopify Payments and Shopify POS so merchants can have a fully integrated payment processor and can use the platform in their physical retail store. This year Shopify launched Shopify Mobile, which lets merchants accept credit card payments from a mobile phone.

“We now consider Shopify a retail operating system, a platform that allows a company to create and run their entire business using one system,” Lütke explains. “Already, thousands of merchants run an online store, a physical retail store, pop-up shops, and more all using Shopify.”