25% of E-Commerce Now Coming from Mobile Devices, Report Shows

Approximately one-quarter of global e-commerce traffic is now coming from mobile devices, a recent report reveals.

According to Monetate, e-commerce traffic from smartphones and tablets rose 3% in the last quarter. Tablets make up about two-thirds of m-commerce traffic (or about 15% of all e-commerce traffic), while smartphones account for around one-third of m-commerce traffic and roughly 10% of all e-commerce traffic.

In terms of the average amount spent on an order, tablets and smartphones boast surprisingly high numbers. In fact, tablets have an even higher average order value than PCs, according to the report—although PCs still dominate e-commerce traffic. The average order value for a tablet is $139, while for PCs it is $136 and for smartphones it is $114.

Apple’s iPad dominates the tablet class in almost all categories related to e-commerce. It’s responsible for well over half of all tablet-based m-commerce traffic, and its share in that category actually grew last quarter despite an influx of competition.