3 Hot New Apps From Waterloo to Keep an Eye Out For

Walking through the University of Waterloo’s Velocity residence Demo Day is like walking through a candy store. For a tech blogger, you can’t be happier.

This is an opportunity for students and app-developers working out of the university’s Velocity residence (a mobile startup incubator) to showcase their ideas and products to the local tech and investor community.

Here are three hot new ideas that really caught my eye this afternoon:


Forget searching and saving today’s hit songs manually. Let Topforty.it do it for you.

Since its release two weeks ago, Topforty.it has been making large waves online. This is how it works: load up the website and it trawls Twitter to find the web’s most popular songs.

It then creates a ready playlist of the Top 40 hit songs of the day (using YouTube videos) that you can then refresh and bookmark for easy reference.


You know the new Facebook timeline layout for your profiles?

Here’s a website that will allow you to find the best photo to fill up the large banner headspace on your profile. Coverphotofinder.com trawls through Facebook and finds the most popular photos being used by Facebook users, allows you to pick and choose your favourites, and upload and share your own photos to enrich their repository.

Facebook integration only maxes out the exposure.



Bookkite.com allows users to build, catalog and share customized bookslists in order to unlock great conversations and find shared interests between users.

Not only is it fully integrated into the Android platform, but it’s also begging to be monetized. Watch out for future social plugins and e-retailing opportunities that have the potential to make this platform more potent.