586,686 reasons My City Lives is excited


Just over a week ago, the Canada Media Fund announced their first round funding results of its Experimental Stream. Out of the 27 projects that were approved for funding only 5 came from Ontario.  If you didn’t know, the Canada Media Fund has a mandate to champion the creation and promotion of successful, innovative, Canadian content and software applications for current and emerging digital platforms.

Toronto-based startup, My City Lives was one of these companies whose project was approved for funding.  In fact, they received $586,686 in funding from the Fund.

Adam Ben-Aron and Adil Dhalla, the company’s co-founders, are extremly excited about this new development in their young company’s life.  “The partnership that we’re undertaking is one of those partnerships that changes the way things are for our company,” said Adam.  “We are now developing the projects that we have always wanted to develop and we now have the means to make sure that we develop the best platforms possible.”

Just what are these projects that My City Live has been wanting to pursue?  “The CMF funding provides us with the opportunity to take the next step in our vision for My City Lives,” replied Adil.  ” This includes a heavy investment in our mobile strategy which will, among other things, open the doors for geographic expansion.  We still have a long road ahead to realize our full ambitions but we’re certainly moving in the right direction and are greatly appreciative for the opportunity.”

Adil was also excited to see the federal governement step up to the plate when it comes to supporting young businesses and innovation.  “Something everyone should get excited about is the government’s willingness to invest in digital and mobile media,” said Adil.  “We didn’t fit the criteria for virtually all existing opportunities which makes sense because we’re working in a space which is still pretty young so this is a good sign of things to come for everyone. It goes without saying that the government must play a big role if we’re going to establish Canada as one of the world’s greatest hubs for innovation and technology.”

From all of us in Toronto and also here at Techvibes, congratulations to Adil, Adam and the whole My City Lives team!