71% of Canadians Watch Online Video, Study Reveals

According to CBC/Radio-Canada’s Media Technology Monitor, media consumption‚ particularly of online video, is on the rise in Canada.

71% of Canadians have watched online video in the past month, the study found, up 2% from six months prior. And 20% have watched a full-length television episode online in the past month, while about 19% have watched a feature film online during the same time.

Further, Canadians are increasingly connecting their TVs to the internet. 19% now have a TV connected to the internet to access streaming video and digital content.

Canadians are also watching TV on their tinier, more portable screens, the study revealed. 21% of tablet owners watch “traditional” television on their tablets, more than double the amount from one year ago. An increasing amount are even watching TV on their smartphones.

A fad fallen flat, however, is the now-infamous 3D TV. Only 4% of Canadians own a 3D TV and customer satsifcaction ratings have not been high.

(So uh, what was that bit about Bell saying online, user-generated content isn’t a threat to networked television?)