99% of Canadians experienced the 2010 Vancouver Olympics

According to a press release offered by CTV, 99% of Canadians have experienced the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics through Canada’s Olympic Broadcast Media Consortium.  This figure combines the Consortium’s print, internet, television and radio platforms.  This figure also represents 33+ million Canadians.  In fact, since day 1 of the Olympics, the total number of consumers of the Consortium’s Olympic offerings has grown by 27%.

However awesome this number is, CTV released this figure prior to Sunday’s men’s hockey final between Canada and the U.S. and the entertaining closing ceremonies.

Once final numbers are released, Techvibes will be sure to share them with you.

We are very curious what your thoughts are regarding the online component of this year’s Olympic coverage.  Did you watch any events on CTVOlympics.ca?  Did you enjoy the small screen experience?  What were your thoughts?