A New Era of Job Hunting: 79% of Jobs are Posted on Social Media

The days of job seekers combing through their local newspaper’s classifieds under the “Employment” section are dead.

Bullhorn’s 2012 Bullhorn Reach Rankings Report: An Inside Look at Social Recruiting found that 79% of job opportunities are posted on at least one social network. The professionally inclined LinkedIn remains the most popular site for posting jobs with 77% of openings shared there. Twitter comes in second with 54%, followed by Facebook, which comes in a distant third at just 25%. 

According to the report, 21% of jobs are posted to all three social networks, while only 21% are not posted to no social media sites at all. Further, 55% of jobs are posted to two or more social networks at a time, while 24% are posted to only one network.

“While LinkedIn continues to hold its position as the most widely used social network for recruiting, the fact that a majority of jobs are posted to at least two channels reinforces the notion that social networking should never be overlooked in any candidate’s job search,” said Art Papas, president and CEO of Bullhorn. “We designed these reports to be a resource for recruiters and job seekers alike so they can determine the best ways to find talent and jobs based on their industries and geographies.”

The top industries embracing social media hiring are restaurants, advertising and public relations, nonprofit, fashion, and healthcare. 

Also popular today are online job boards, such as this one.