Accelerate Finance Aims to Transform Canada into Global Force for Fintech Innovation

Decentral, a hub for disruptive technology, has announced an open call for financial professionals to join Accelerate Finance, an organization working to transform Canada into a global force for finance and fintech innovation.

Accelerate Finance’s goal is to collaboratively build out Canada’s finance and fintech infrastructure so that companies in the ecosystem can thrive both in Canada and globally.

Decentral says Accelerate Finance will lead the charge to find new and disruptive solutions for finance by facilitating collaboration between startups and established financial institutions.

“Our consultancy work with startups, enterprise clients and banks means we understand how to find common ground and foster meaningful collaboration. We are pleased to apply our expertise to the national stage with Accelerate Finance,” said Anthony Di Iorio, CEO of Decentral.

A founding sponsor of Accelerate Finance is TMX Group, whose companies include Toronto Stock Exchange, CDS, and Montreal Exchange, among others.

“We are very focused on ensuring that we are an innovative TMX in a Canada that is a global leader in innovation. This initiative will help drive that idea,” said Jean R. Desgagné, President and CEO, Global Enterprise Services at TMX.

Accelerate Finance members will include representatives from key institutions, startups, and incubators from a broad spectrum of the finance and fintech industries.

Dozens of Canadian companies were consulted in the development of this project, including banks and other finance entities, government and regulatory bodies, fintech startups, VCs and accelerators.