AceTech Ontario Rebrands as Peerscale to Better Represent Growing Tech Community

AceTech Ontario has announced that they have rebranded to become Peerscale.

The Toronto-based organization says the rebrand is necessary to better convey their mission of connecting tech leaders together. Since being founded in 2004, Peerscale has looked to create a community of tech papers to elevate Canadian innovation on a global scale.

“Our original name AceTech stands for Academy of Technology CEOs,” a blog post explaining the rebrand reads. “However, our community has grown to include COOs and Executives at top technology companies. Our name and our visual identity needed to tell that story.”

Today, Peerscale boasts more than 200 members and represents more than 100 tech companies. These companies generate a combined $1.8 billion in revenues and employ more than 11,000 people.

Members of Peerscale have access to what’s known as a peer group—a dedicated personal advisory board that can help with decision making and accelerate both personal and professional growth. All in all, Peerscale blasts 15 peer groups for CEOs, finance, marketing, human resources and other fields and titles.

“Rebranding allowed us to truly define our offering and who we are to our members. With this new brand that more effectively communicates the significant value we deliver to technology leaders, Peerscale is incredibly well positioned to continue the outstanding growth our organization has experienced,” said Mark Jaine, Peerscale board chair and Intelex CEO. “We are proud of the new brand, identity, and positioning, and look forward to another incredible year ahead.”

Peerscale hosts regular meetups and events to bring their community together and help foster a connected network between Canadian tech entrepreneurs. They also recently launched an app that is exclusively for members and corporate partners that will better help connect those in the organization.

Members of the Peerscale community in Ontario include Wealthsimple, Flipp and Askuity.