Adding 100,000 Employees in 2016, Amazon Surges Past 300,000 Mark

Amazon’s human resources department has been busy of late. In 2016 alone, the ecommerce giant added a staggering 100,000 employees. Today the company’s workforce stands at a formidable 340,000, and it’s still growing by the day.

Amazon revealed the statistic in its most recent quarterly earnings report. Perhaps what’s most impressive is that the figure does not include seasonal or temporary workers.

Just five years ago, Amazon employed barely 30,000 people. This means that in half a decade, the company expanded its already-sizeable workforce by an order of magnitude.

To compare, Microsoft has about 120,000 employees while Apple has around the same amount. Amazon, then, has significantly more workers than both of these companies—whose market value together exceeds one trillion dollars—combined.

Moreover, Amazon said recently that it plans to hire 100,000 more employees over the next 18 months. Many of these jobs are at the company’s fulfillment centers, which continue to expand as Amazon’s revenue grows.

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