Adobe and Microsoft Announce New Collaborations

It can often be frustrating to sign an online document, but Adobe and Microsoft are teaming up to make it easier than ever to leave your John Hancock on a digital form.

The two tech mainstays have announced the next aspect of their strategic partnership by unveiling integration between Microsoft’s Office 365, Teams, and Flow and Adobe Sign. Additional collaboration between Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Stock with Microsoft Teams has also been detailed. These will all be available to users in the coming weeks.

“Adobe and Microsoft are working together to redefine what the modern enterprise experience looks like with collaboration, identity, data and intelligence at the core,” said Abhay Parasnis, chief technology officer at Adobe. “Together we will develop integrated cloud services with best-in-class solutions like Adobe Sign and Office 365 that help businesses digitally transform while delivering great experiences to their customers.”

The most notable collaboration is the one between Office 365 and Adobe Sign. Over 100 million people use Office 365 every month, so now those looking to use Word, Powerpoint or Excel can easily add an e-signature to their document seamlessly without using a lesser-known service.

Adobe Sign and Teams is also an important cooperation between the two companies, as now electronic agreement creation, approval and signatures can be synchronized across different groups without having to navigate away from the two platforms commonly used in the workplace.

Microsoft Teams is the new chat-based workspace within Office 365 and will now be the preferred collaboration service for Adobe Creative Cloud, Document Cloud and Experience Cloud. In addition, Microsoft Azure will become Adobe’s preferred cloud platform for Adobe Sign.

“When Adobe and Microsoft team up to innovate, their customers win,” said Jamie McLellan, chief technology officer at J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. “As power users of Microsoft Teams, Adobe Sign and Adobe Creative Cloud, we’re excited to realize the immediate impact delivered by these integrations that will enhance creativity, teamwork and overall productivity across our agency.”

More partnerships between Adobe and Microsoft are to be expected in the future.