Former Club Penguin Founder Addicted to His Own Game

Hyper Hippo Games has launched an “unusually addicting” videogame.

Adventure Capitalist on iOS and Android is a “deceptively simple and quirky app.” It is currently a huge hit on the web, racking up 75 million plays across multiple game platforms in just a few short months, and earning player-choice accolades including 2014 Game Of The Year on

Featured as a Best New Game App on iOS, AdVenture Capitalist’s monumental rise is credited to its passionate fanbase online that have watched it grow from a simple beta prototype to a glitzy and refined smash hit.

“We owe our fans so much,” Cody Vigue, the game’s Lead Designer said. “They got this snowball rolling in a crazy big way.”

AdVenture Capitalist consists of progress bars, revenue generation buttons, and a catchy tune. Players work to get their progress bars, or “investments,” churning out tons of profits that they can later reinvest. The quirk of AdVenture Capitalist is that, as an idle game, it continues to play itself, even when players turn it off. Upon returning to the game, you receive a burst of cash you earned while you were gone. This translates into a game that can be played in as little as a couple of minutes everyday.

Hyper Hippo was formed in early 2013 by CEO Lance Priebe. Priebe is known for creating Club Penguin, a popular children’s online game, which was sold to Disney in 2007.

Priebe created the game studio to gather together a group of passionate developers and make fun, memorable game experiences.

“My plan worked,” Priebe says. “I’ve spent more hours playing AdVenture Capitalist than anything else I’ve ever produced. I’m addicted to my own game.”