Affiliate Marketing Reaches Events with Event Holler

Planning and hosting events can be stressful. For the uninitiated, there is always the possibility that the event will not sell properly, despite all marketing efforts and promotional pushes. Usually, there are also a bunch of unpredictable last minute kinks that threaten to fudge everything up.

While there’s no fixed solution to the latter, the first issue can be treated by introducing more promoters into the picture. That’s the benefit that typical promotional and experiential marketing companies offer; it’s a safe bet that they’re going to sell out a good chunk of tickets, because they are rewarded only by doing so.

Event Holler is an online event services site (similar to Eventbrite and Ticketmaster) that looks to take the benefits a promotional/marketing company offers, and spread it across the general population. Basically, any user of Event Holler can be a promoter for an event, and has the ability to spread the word about certain events through their social media feeds very easily. In return, if any of their friends or members of their network buy a ticket through this referral, the promoter will receive a pre-specified commission as a reward for their promotion.

This changes the landscape: event hosts now have far greater reach than they’d previously envisioned. For example, promotional/marketing companies usually target specific demographics, and individual promoters likely specialize in certain demographics. Event Holler is capable of reaching a bunch of different demographics, as each two random individual users will likely have very different networks.

Individuals promoting through Event Holler can also choose to turn automatic updates on; this means that Event Holler will automatically post events tagged with a certain keyword, or within a certain category, to a promoters’ social media profile.

This also incentivizes people to expand their network like wildfire on Facebook, to increase their reach, which is going to turn out interesting. In an age where our mini-feeds are already being bombarded by sponsored stories, promotional statuses, and annoying random Facebook invites, if they’re not careful, Event Holler could be empowering users with yet another tool spewing more irrelevant information to their friends for a quick benefit.

Event Holler looks to take the headaches out of the way events are promoted. Hosts don’t have to pay until a ticket is sold, so performance per dollar is guaranteed. I’m curious to see Event Holler expand into more targeted types of promotions, such as having promoters for certain demographics or psychographics. Naturally, Event Holler already possesses many of the features that Eventbrite and Ticketmaster also have, such as QR code and barcode capabilities.

Event Holler has already launched in beta, and is part of the current INcubes cohort. Keep an eye out for Event Holler on INcubes’ Demo Day, which takes place September 12th.