After Failing to Secure Permit, Self-Driving Uber Runs Red Light, Ending Service Within 24 Hours of Launch

Truth is stranger than fiction, folks. Within 24 hours of Uber launching a self-driving fleet in San Francisco—and boldly bragging that it did so without a permit—the state of California has ordered the company to end its autonomous initiative after one of Uber’s tricked-out Volvos ran a red light.

According to Uber, the vehicle was actually not part of the self-driving fleet and its driver—a real, live human being—was suspended. But the California DMV isn’t budging: ““If Uber does not confirm immediately that it will stop its launch and seek a testing permit, DMV will initiate legal action, including, but not limited to, seeking injunctive relief,” the organization stated.

Uber is no stranger to controversy, and this certainly is not the company’s first blunder—but it’s probably the most comical.

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