Age 28, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg is Now Worth More Than $20 Billion

The hoodie-clad Mark Zuckerberg turned 28 this month, just days before his company, Facebook, went public. Facebook is now on the stock market and shares have climbed from the debut price of $38 to just over $41.

Mark, or “Zuck” as he is often referred to, owns an unusually large percentage of his company, which is now valued at well over $100 billion. This means that he, at the ripe young age of 28, is worth nearly $21 billion. Specifically, with an FB share price of $41, his net wealth is pegged at $20.7 billion.

This means that Mark is currently the 21st wealthiest human in the entire world, based on the Forbes list. But there is one decided difference between him and his multi-billionaire peers: he is much, much younger.

The billionaires in the top 20 range from 54 years old to 91 years old. Mark is 28. He is half the ageof the second-youngest billionaire on the list. He is two to five decades youngerthan any of them. Two to five decades.

To crack the top 10, you need a little more than $25 billion. This is certainly possible for Mark, should Facebook shares continue to climb. The average age of the top 10 is 70.8—two and a half times Mark’s age.

In fact, Mark is the youngest billionaire even in the top 100—the only people even comparably young are Google’s Sergey Brin (38) and Larry Pafe (39). Even then, Mark has a stunning 10 years on them(and is currently richer!).

Truly a re-“Mark”-able accomplishment for the Harvard dropout.