Amazon Acquires Productivity Platform Do to Bolster Chime

Amazon has acquired, a platform aimed at increasing meeting productivity. The acquisition will bolster Chime, Amazon’s new communication suite launched in February through AWS.

The transaction actually occurred last month, as TechCrunch notes, but nobody knew the buyer at the time. An update to the company’s profile on LinkedIn eventually spilled the beans.

Interestingly, in an update to TC’s article, it seems that neither company wants to go public with the news:

[Looks] like AWS and have tried to put the genie back into the bottle. Do has removed its blog post announcing the closure and acquisition, as well as the note on its LinkedIn page (and the pages of employees who also noted the acquisition) about becoming a part of Amazon’s Chime. The mobile and web apps are still off the app stores.

Still, it seems like a difficult thing to deny at this point, so until we have solid evidence that Amazon did not, in fact, acquire Do, that is by far the most likely buyer.

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