Amazon Expanding Access to Fresh Pickup Stores

Amazon has two grocery pickup sites in Seattle, which, until this week, were in beta mode.

Now, the company’s brick and mortar shops can be accessed by Prime members. Prime is Amazon’s loyalty program, which includes unlimited two-day shipping on all orders, as well as other perks, like access to music and movie streaming in select countries.

AmazonFresh Pickup allows shoppers to purchase products online, select a pickup time, and then collect their goods at a drive-in facility. Pre-packed bags are delivered straight to a customer’s vehicle.

Amazon has long known that groceries are a huge market—people need to eat and drink daily, after all. But the logistics can be difficult for ecommerce businesses, especially in terms of fresh produce and perishable goods.

The concept is in its infancy, so it could be a while before Amazon expands Fresh Pickup stores beyond its home area of Seattle—but if this Prime members pilot is successful, it might not be too long before the company seamlessly transitions a digital experience into brick and mortar.