Amazon to Hire 100,000 Full-Time Workers in US Over 18 Months

Amazon stated this week that it plans to hire a whopping 100,000 full-time employees over the next year and a half, primarily in the US.

By doing so, the ecommerce giant will bring its total workforce to nearly 300,000. A majority of the positions will be in fulfillment centers, including several new ones which are still under construction. Amazon also intends to hire many engineers and developers for its popular Web Services offering.

Amazon is not alone in stating its ambitions to hire more workers in the US. Ford, Softbank, and others have outlined similar intentions, likely to avoid the wrath of President-elect Donald Trump, who does not hesitate to call out companies relying on foreign workers.

“The president-elect met with heads of several of the tech companies and urged them to keep their jobs and production inside the United States,” a spokesman for Trump’s transition team told reporters this week.

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