Amazon Introduces Zero-Click Ordering Feature that Automatically Buys Everything for You

amazon april 1Today Amazon introduced an improved version of its famous One-Click Ordering feature. Called Zero-Click Ordering, the online retail giant now lets consumers buy stuff without having to do anything.

According to the company, users simply visit the site, and Amazon’s new e-commerce algorithm will automatically determine what you want to buy, charge your credit card on file, and ship the product later that day.

“Obviously, it was a lot of work to create an algorithm we felt could perfectly predict exactly what our millions of customers wanted every time they visited our site,” said a spokesperson for the company, who noted this technology builds upon its anticipatory shipping work. “But the feedback from our beta program has been tremendous, and now we’re excited to make this feature public.”

According to the spokesperson, Zero-Click Ordering is an opt-out feature, meaning users must choose to deactivate the service. This also means that, when a user visits the site to turn Zero-Click off, they will automatically buy goods from the company.

“Opt-out is a fantastic strategy that we learned how to master from Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg,” commented Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos. “And in this particular context, it means even our unhappiest customers will be generating tons of revenue for us.”

Bezos says Amazon is delighted by Zero-Click Purchase, but adds the retailer is already working hard on its next major innovation. Next year, the company hopes to launch Automatic Returns, a feature which returns items you’ve bought before you actually receive the shipment.