Amazon’s Kindle App Has Fresh Look And Features

Amazon has launched its redesigned free Kindle mobile app with new features, updated navigation and a revamped look.

Through the bottom menu bar, users can now switch between the pages of their book, their library and their personalized bookstore. The new design also gives users access to the search bar at all times, improving user interface.

The latest edition of the e-book app also introduces new dark and light themes; the latter changing the white-backed reading screen to what looks like parchment paper.

“We’ve built the new Kindle app from the ground up for book lovers, giving readers easy access to everything they might want to do with their books, all in one place,” said Chuck Moore, the vice president of Kindle in a release.

“It’s now easier than ever to turn your phone or tablet into a book and immerse yourself in an author’s world at any time.”

The refreshed app also features seamless integration with Goodreads in a new Community tab, offering deeper access into the social reading network. To feel like a virtual book club, users can share reviews, post comments and follow what others are reading on the site.

“When you finish an amazing book, you can’t wait to find out if other readers feel the same way,” said Otis Chandler, CEO and co-founder of Goodreads, in a release. “With the new features on Kindle, connecting with your friends and similar readers in the Goodreads community is now built into the app.”

The all new-app is available on both the App Store and Google Play, but the Goodreads integration is currently only available for iPhone and iPad users in the U.S.