Amazon’s Kindle Fire is ‘Plagued with Issues,’ FixYa Says

Amazon’s Kindle Fire is one of the cheapest tablets around. And it looks like you get what you pay for.

FixYa, a website dedicated to trouble shooting electronics, compared Apple’s iPad to Amazon’s tablet to determine which one has more problems in the eyes of consumers. According to FixYa, it’s no comparison; the Kindle Fire is “plagued with many more issues than the iPad 2.” 

In a report based on tens of thousands of issued submitted by users, FixYa found the Kindle Fire to be more problematic than the iPad. Among the problems were Amazon’s One-Click shopping feature. Impossible to turn off, the feature makes it too easy to buy expensive goods quickly—a child could do so accidentally, as could a thief, according to FixYa’s user complaints. Other major concerns include wifi connectivity issues, a lack of touchscreen precision, and poor parental settings.