AmpMe Can Now Sync Multiple Bluetooth Speakers Together

Montreal’s AmpMe, an app that allows users to play music in sync across multiple devices to create one sound system, this week announced the ability to sync multiple Bluetooth speakers from different manufacturers together.

The free app, with more than three million downloads to date, is now available in 144 countries.

“We’ve built a sound system for the 99%—gone are the days of spending a fortune to create the kind of sound we all deserve,” said AmpMe CEO Martin-Luc Archambault. “Launching the ability to sync any type of Bluetooth speaker together is the most democratizing step we’ve taken in our journey to build the world’s most portable, high quality sound system.”

This year the Canadian startup raised an $8 million Series A investment round and the downloads continue to pile up.

“We’re enabling music listening in a social manner and style that’s never been achieved before,” said Archambault.

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