An easy plug for EasyPlug

Student-powered startup EasyPlug is taking a page from Apple’s playbook and applying it to a much bigger market. The Vancouver company has created the EasyPlug – “a patentable, innovative, magnetic technology for electrical plugs and sockets”. No doubt inspired by Apple’s MagSafe power connector which MacBook users worldwide are very familiar with.

The EasyPlug technology can be incorporated into electronic devices or used in a two-piece magnetic adapter. One piece of the adaptor attaches to the electric cord while the other piece plugs into a wall socket. The two pieces are held together magnetically, such that the metal contacts provide power to the device. When someone is about to trip over the cord, the adaptor separates at the magnetic connection, reducing the likelihood that the individual will fall down, as well as reducing the probability of the connected device falling to the ground and breaking.

EasyPlug’s technology eliminates the tripping hazard presented by any power cord by detaching when the cord experiences an abnormal force – saving both the device attached to the cord and the person potentially tripping over the cord.

Congrats to the New Venture Design Program at UBC where EasyPlug was conceived. The program brings together outstanding business and engineering students with the goal of developing a new product and its alumni inclue Energy Aware and PeerFX. The EasyPlug  team consists of Ryan Fetterly, Max Miller, Shane Miller-Tait and Jay Jagpal.

EasyPlug has received several awards to date including 2nd Place Nationally at Enterprize Canada, 2009 New Entrepreneur at  TieQuest Toronto and Finalists at Hong Kong Polytechnic University Challenge.

Look out for EasyPlug in the news again this fall – they’re in the Top 30 for this year’s New Venture BC Competition.