An Open Letter to Vancouver

During an interview earlier this week, I was asked a great question.  What drives me to be at BrainStation and why do I enjoy coming to work everyday?

Now the General Manager of BrainStation in Vancouver, I originally came to BrainStation as an interested student. I was curious about the new exciting company in Vancouver and looking to improve my current digital skills.

While visiting the first open house BrainStation hosted in Vancouver, I was immediately impressed by the programs they offered and the way they conducted their teaching. I instantly wanted to be part of the potential and growth in a bigger way. I was particularly excited at the opportunity of working with such an enthusiastic and dedicated team; everyone was friendly, approachable and passionate about what BrainStation was accomplishing and bringing to the Vancouver community.

Vancouver is a small community and it’s easy to see why some of our digital leaders, like Hootsuite CEO Ryan Holmes, have talked about the need for more digital talent in the city.  Right now is an exciting time to be part of the educational movement that is helping address the talent gaps to kick start a city with so much potential to be a thought leader. This emerging tech community is opening up career opportunities that didn’t exist in Vancouver 5 or 10 years ago; whether it be digital marketing, software development, app development or product management, BrainStation offers courses to help fuel the growth of this exciting sector.

My role at BrainStation gives me the opportunity to help create future thought-leaders and industry experts by empowering students with digital skills. Our students leave our courses armed with real-world, hands-on practice that they can apply both personally and professionally; these are the individuals who are and will continue to build Vancouver’s tech industry. Knowing that I’m helping facilitate this leaves me feeling motivated at the end of each day.

Our courses will continue to develop and grow, as will our team – and this is where you, the reader, comes in. I was inspired by the BrainStation team’s accomplishments, and have learned so much throughout my experience in helping fuel BrainStation’s growth. It is a true privilege to work alongside such energy and dedication, and I’m excited to have the opportunity to extend this experience to the Techvibes community, one that is comprised of smart, engaged, and passionate thought-leaders. Whether it was at Tech Fest or through a response to one of BrainStation’s Techvibes features, it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience getting to know the community and fostering relationships with future students, brand ambassadors, educators and new team members!

Are you passionate about technology and education? Looking to make your mark in the Vancouver tech community? I encourage you to apply to one of our many job opportunities. I can’t wait to hear from you.