Analytics: Stalking your readers the legal way

You’ve got a website and you know people are spending time on it. How do you get more information on them? What do they like about your website? Who are they? These are all questions good analytics can answer for you. So stop being scared and make analytics your friend by checking out the following options:

Google Analytics

Google Analytics gives you enterprise-class analytics on your website traffic and marketing effectiveness, all for free. Free, easy – let’s agree that by next week, you all need to be using The GOOG to track how many people hit your website. Good?

This is a great solution for personal blogs as well. It give you numbers on how many people hit your blog and where they come from. It also gives you a high level idea of demographics. As the reach on your blog gets bigger you can use this information as a starting point for monetizing your content.

Lead Lander

LeadLander provides you the ability to view which companies are visiting and viewing your web site, either in an emailed report or IN REAL TIME. These reports provide detailed information about which web pages your visitors viewed as well as the search terms they used to get to your site.  Leadlander lets you know how people reach your web site, and what aspects of your product offerings they’re most interested in researching.

My favourite part of the daily email is seeing the search terms people used to land on our website. You’d be surprised how often people search for soundproof underwear and comedy animal porn.

Active Conversion

Active Conversion helps you see who is on your website, figure out what is working and manage your lead generation targets.

Included in the daily email from Active Conversion are stats including how long the person spent on the site, what goal pages were reached and a rank of how high the lead is.

The sad part about mastering analytics – Oh man, you’ll never want to internet stalk anyone again. Also, people get a little creeped out when you call to tell them you know they’re on your website at that very moment. If you’re using these tools for sales, you might want to carefully think through that phone call before dialing.