Android Accounts for 88% of Global Smartphone Shipments But Apple is Making All the Money

In the third quarter of this year, global smartphone shipments reached 375 million units, up 6% year-over-year. And of those 375 million, a record 88% were Android-powered devices, according to data from Strategy Analytics.

“This was the smartphone industry’s fastest growth rate for a year,” commented Linda Sui, Director at Strategy Analytics.

“BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Phone have all but disappeared due to strategic shifts,” noted Neil Mawston, Executive Director at Strategy Analytics.

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So that leaves Apple. Well, Apple lost ground to Android, dipping down to 12%.

However, Apple remains the only one making any money. According to a new estimate from BMO Capital Markets, Apple is generating all of the industry’s profits—and we mean all. This report shows Apple at a similar 13% third-quarter shipment share, so the numbers line up.

“Few Android device vendors make profits,” admits Woody Oh, Director at Strategy Analytics. “The Android platform is getting overcrowded with hundreds of manufacturers . . . and Google’s new Pixel range is attacking its own hardware partners that made Android popular in the first place.”

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