Android Pay, Google Wallet and More Consolidated Into Google Pay

With all the new digital methods to pay for goods and services, it can be a bit confusing keeping track of it all.

Google is trying to streamline things with a new announcement, combining all of their different payment services into one offering: Google Pay. This means Android Pay, Google Wallet and more will all be consolidated into one simple-to-manage interface.

With Google Pay, payment information saved in a Google account will be available everywhere a Google product is used. This might include Chrome for web purchases, YouTube for renewing subscriptions like YouTubeTV, in apps on Android for purchases, and retail outlets that use NFC payments.


“With Google Pay, it’ll be easier for you to use the payment information saved to your Google Account, so you can speed through checkout with peace of mind,” writes Pali Bhat, VP of product management for payments at Google. “Over the coming weeks, you’ll see Google Pay online, in-store, and across Google products, as well as when you’re paying friends.”

There is a suite of companies that already accept Google Pay, including Airbnb, Dice, Fandango, HungryHouse and Instacart.