Your Favourite Apps Have All Been Hacked: Android’s Security Nightmare Continues

“The notion that a hack is a simple exfiltration of data at a particular point in time is very much over—hacking is now about the gathering and synthesis of information over long periods of time,” explains Metaforic, a mobile security provider for the enterprise and software developers. “The fear and likelihood is that the vulnerability of so many hacked apps will accelerate large scale, high profile attacks against the enterprise.”

Infosecurity, the online magazine devoted to the strategy and technique of information security, recently reported that 100% of the top 100 Android apps are hacked before they hit the marketplace for downloading. This is done through “app repackaging.”

In Metaforic’s opinion, it is a less professional practice these days to develop apps securely. CEO Dan Stickel believes programs have evolved to a point where they need a new system. Considering the above, the mobile web is likely safer to use then mobile applications.

“In evaluating computer systems ‘of consequence’—at government agencies, Congress and in the private sector—I have yet to encounter one computer that has not been compromised by an advanced persistent threat,” says Mike McConnell, former director of National Intelligence in the United States and now vice chairman at Booz Allen Hamilton, a Virginia-based strategy and technology consulting firm.

Metaforic injects thousands of antibodies into the programs they are trying to protect, which constantly check things everywhere to make sure it is safe. The security principles are are similar to how our bodies kill off infection and disease. 

Canadians must protect themselves. Less than 10% of mobile users currently have security enabled on their mobile phones, according to Metaforic. Juniper Networks’ mobile threats report indicates that malware has more than doubled on most smartphone platforms. In addition, they believe less than 5% of mobile devices have third-party security software installed. CEO Dan Stickel added that 20% of users have experienced mobile hacking or personally knew someone who was hacked.

Whether you’re a developer, consumer, or enterprise, it’s time for an upgrade to your security.